The Phantom owners Facebook page has kicked on very well with quite a few members now .

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Phantom Yachts – 32,33 and 34’s

Information for owners of Phantom cruising yachts. You will find technical specs and brochures for the phantoms on this website under the phantom brochure heading.

In total about 100 Phantom 32/33/40’s were built from the late 70’s to mid 90’s. We have 54 on the database!

Phantom Yachts were built to exceed standards laid down by Lloyds and USL Code for GRP yachts. The first four 32 hulls were gun sprayed by a laminating contractor, all the others after that were hand laid under personal supervision of Nick Shein.

We would like some more information on the following;
1) The whereabouts of the moulds and the progression of the 32 to the 34 (did they end up with Peter Sands and Russell Minto in QLD?)
2) Stories of the annual Phantom race held at Airlie Beach in the early 90’s
3) Maintenance tips for owners i.e. replacement hatches/windows, replacing obsolete FICO or Canon parts
Also we would like to gauge interest from phantom owners as to the possibility of setting up an owners association. Please feel free to post your comments, even better, send in a story about your phantom.
Phantoms have a reputation as a tough boat, inspired by the S&S34, they remain as popular today, we just need to make the information readily available.
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