4 Responses to Maintenance

  1. Justin says:

    I have a spare traveller for a 32 or 33 for sale. Garhauer MT3 that is a straight replacement for the obsolete FICO car. Suits flatter trav tracks, but would fit a curved track as long as the curve is not excessive.

  2. Brent says:

    Hi all,
    I am forced to put a new donk in Scintilla, Phantom 40, because it got a gut full of salt water.
    “Warning” everyone should research Anti-siphon loop, siphon break, anti-siphon valve, vented loop etc.

    In Scintilla’s case it was an unvented siphon loop.
    After 25 years and 2700 hours of reliable running she has salt water everywhere she used to have oil.


    Hi I have just purchased a Phantom 32 by the name of E’tratat. The steering chain needs replacing.Can someone recommend where I would get one. The boat is moored at Saratoga on the Brisbane Waters NSW Central Coast

  4. Brian Fatzer says:

    Hi all – I live aboard a 32′ Phantom named Victory in Norfolk, VA, USA that was built in 1978. Teak deck. Looking for info plus advice. Teak decking now leaks and needs repaired. Did Phantom use cored decking? Also, what advice would you give for new decking? Thanks

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