Phantom Yacht database

Sail No. Name Previous Name Year Length Location
Agness II 1983 32 RYC Williamstown
Alkama 1984 32 Mona Vale
Ariete 1980 32 Sydney
Aruba 1988 32 Brisbane waters, NSW
Athenic 33 Bayview
Banyandah 1980 32 Port Stephens
14 Beyond II  40  Lake Macquarie
Blue Bayou II 1984 Lake Macquarie
Cameral 1992 34 Lake Macquarie
Casuarina 40 Port Douglas, QLD
3887 Courage IV 33 Moored Gladesville
Courage V 1988 32
Rapscallion Electra 33 Woodford Bay
Fidelio 32 Salt Pan Cove, Newport
Grey Seal 1995 40 Manly, QLD
Harlequin 32 RPAYC Marina
Hero 1982 32 Victoria
M94 Isabelle Phanatic II 33
JASBR Pearl Leading Lady
Kashmir Odyssey II 1997 40 Hobsons Bay, Vic
Kindred Spirit 33 Gosford
Kombali 2 1989 33 NSW
Kasper 1985 32 Lake Macquarie
5121 Lady Bubbles 32
8668 Laloma 33
Masquerade 1997 33 Pittwater
3467 Mahlia 1986 32 Lake Macquarie
4247 Marpet
 3032 Mithril
4181 Mr Walker Ichi 1985 32 Lake Macquarie
4064 Mr Walker 1985 32
Never Enough 1988 32 Seaforth
New Tricks Windchime 1990 32 Lake Macquarie
3440 Nicely Done II 32 Drummoyne
4749 Nirvana
5819 Norseman 32 Lake Macquarie
No More Diamonds 34 Pittwater
4404 Phanatic
Phantale 33 Clarevill Beach
Phantasm 33
Phantastic 1986
5152 Phantasy
Phoenix 1988 40 Yamba, NSW
5302 Polar Bear 40
Quickmatch 1983 32 Victoria
Realitas 32
L32 Perla (ex Rusalka) Pact One 1987 32 Geelong
Scintilla 1992 40 Manly, QLD
Seaking 1989 33 Soldiers Point
3357 Serica
Shadow Dancer Shadow 1985 33 RMYS, St Kilda
MH 156 Spellbound 1985 32 Lake Macquarie, NSW
Spinner 1981 Huskisson, NSW
Sinbad 1982 32 Lake Macquarie
Spirit 1986 32 Batemans Bay
The Phantom 1988 32
3790 Tickalara 33
Valkyrie 1980 32
Trinity Vivaldi 33 Pittwater
5568 While ya down there Currency Lass 1989 33 Glades Bay
Wild Child Nimbus
3012 Windpiper 1982 32 Lake Macquarie

Mareta                                                                            33                    Manly Qld



88 Responses to Phantom Yacht database

  1. Wayne Robinson says:

    Valkyrie 1980 32 Sydney

  2. Warren Kelly says:

    Thought you might like to know that a 1988 ’32 named ‘Aruba’ will shortly make home in Soldiers Point NSW. New standing and running rigging underway.

  3. Philip Buck says:

    I have recently purchased a 1985 Phantom 32 by the name of “Mr Walker”. It is not the Mr Walker noted in the database. I would be interested to find out the history of the Phantom 32 “ichi” as it has the same sail number as the yacht I have purchased. I am currently sailing out of Pittwater.

  4. Paul Roodenrys says:

    My wife and I have owned another Mr Walker for the past eight years, moored at callala Bay in Jervis Bay NSW and currently ‘on the hard’ at Woollamia, near Huskisson for a bit of a refit and paint.

  5. Fred Langenhorst says:

    Rusalka is now Perla moored at Lagoon Boat Club Geelong with sail number L32

  6. Julian Browne says:

    I have owned the Phantom 32 “Agnes II” since September 2010. I bought her from the family that owned her from new. She was built in 1983, sail number R98, and is penned at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Williamstown.

  7. Mick says:

    Hi guys,
    We have owned our 33 since August last year. She is called Rapscallion but I believe she was previousely name Electra a long time ago. We sail her out of Hervey Bay. She is a very well behaved boat, can handle a blow and is suprisingly fast. I got nine knots out of her on a broad reach before the missus filled her up with all the “neccessary” equipment. Our family of four can live comfortably on her for a week or more. Fantastic Boats.

  8. Peter says:

    I have Nicks last boat built, built for himself and originally named Odyssey II, when I bought her she had been re-named “Nina” I have named her again to “Kashmir” hopefully she will stay that way. She is a 40 and was built in 1997. She currently lies at Hobsons Bay, Melbourne. I have a list of a few other 4 owners as well if people are interested.

  9. Patsy and Dave Mitchell says:

    Hi we’re the original owners of the 32′ Mr Walker in the database. He was our home during a 7 and a half year circumnavigation. When we returned there were four of us and he was getting a tad small. One of his subsequent owners Joy Hobbs wrote of their own time with Mr Walker in her book Sailing for Joy( )
    We hope whoever has this beautiful boat now is enjoying him as much as we did.

    Patsy and Dave.

  10. Julian Browne says:

    Agnes II on the dry having all standing and running rigging replaced, along with new portholes. Looking very pretty. Looking forward to a summer of racing and cruising with Lake’s Entrance and King Island on the menu.

    • Peter Clark says:

      Hello Julian, we are hoping to cruise to King Island and Three hummock the first two weeks of January 2014. Might see you down there?? Cheers Peter (Kashmir)

  11. Julian Browne says:

    Hi Peter, sounds like a fantastic trip. We will be moored off Philip Island at that time, probably waiting to head off for the prom. Do you sit at Queenscliff prior to exiting the bay?

  12. Does anybody know who owned “GREY SEAL” a phantom 40. I believe it sailed in 4 Brisbane to Gladstone races.

    • Brent Lane says:

      The 1995 Phantom 40 Pilot House “Grey Seal” is currently in Manly Harbour Brisbane having Osmosis cut out.
      The 1992 Phantom 40 Pilot House “Scintilla” has a new home in Manly Harbour Brisbane.

  13. tony hayman says:

    I own Phoenix, the first Phantom 40 and she is in Yamba NSW. I have owned her since she was launched in 1988. Previously I owned Phantastic, a Phantom 32.

    • Patsy says:

      Hi Tony, are you still in Yamba with Phoenix? Patsy and I owned Mr Walker for ten years. Think he was about no. 5 out of the mould. We are in our “new” boat” Mr Micawber at the Yamba marina if you’d like a cuppa.
      Cheers, Dave.

      • Tony Hayman says:

        Hi Dave
        Sorry to be so long to reply. If cup of tea offer is still on, would like to.
        I am on 0412246554.

  14. Derek howie says:

    Hi I brought a phantom 33 from nick when he had the factory at Riverstone we called it Masquerade and sailed the east coast ,owned her for 18 years now moored back in pittwater a great blue water boat built to last Derek Howie

  15. Ian Brown says:

    Hi, We have owned a phantom 32 for several months now. It is in remarkable condition for its age I believe it was built in 1984 . Very happy with its offshore capability and light air performance. Our boats name is Blue Bayou 11 and it is moored in southern Lake Macquarie.;

  16. Carl Barnett says:

    l have owned Casuarina a Phantom 40 for five years, we are currently located at Port Douglas FNQ. We have spent the last fews years sailing up to the Flinders and back.

  17. Dave says:

    Hi I have owned since late 2009 a 32 built in 1985 originally called Shadow and it participated in the 1985 Hamilton Is week on its maiden voyage to Mackay, it was called Shadow. I believe it spent most of its life in Mackay, then went to the Gippsland Lakes before coming to St Kilda in the mid 2000’s. It had an usual fit out in that it had a huge freezer occupying the quarter berth and chart table space plus a huge fridge occupying 100% of the galley space. That is all in the process of being changed back to a more traditional fit out. It is now called Shadow Dancer and is moored at RMYS St Kilda. I have had her out in Bass Strait, love how she handled a pretty wild time. I am hoping to get her to Cat 2 and enter the Melb to Launceston race at Christmas 2014. She is a pretty geeky boat, loads of electronics (B&G and Simrad). When we are out to play the AIS is on so you might spot her on Marine traffic. I purchased a second hand asymmetric kite that used to be a fractional kite on a Radford 35SI, its a little big but we get great speed in sub 15 kts, the boat loves it, I would highly recommend this on any 32 :).

  18. Warren Hicks says:

    Hi, I was very pleased to find your database and thought I should add my Phantom 32, Spinner. An ex colleague bought the hull and deck from Nick’s factory at Riverstone in the late 70s and fitted it out in his backyard before launching the boat, I think in 1981. I understand it was the second hull out of the mould. Another friend owned Harlequin in the early 80s, but sold it after cruising up to the Barrier Reef. He and I then bought Spinner in 1985, which we kept on my mooring at Sugarloaf Point in Middle Harbour, Sydney. I bought his share a couple of years later and have owned the boat since. Spinner has been moored in Currambene Creek at Huskisson on the NSW South Coast for the past 10 years, with occasional periods back at Sugarloaf Point. Spinner handles heavy weather well with the standard single speader mast and extra lead in the keel. It is pretty much in original condition apart from new sails and furler, reconditioned 20HP Bukh, refurbished interior, and the usual neverending bits from Whitworths.

  19. Tony Hayman says:

    Hi Dave,
    we do live in Yamba and our Phantom is outside our house in Witonga Drive.
    We are overseas for 2 months but will get in touch when we are back mid July. Is your current yacht a Phantom as well?
    Best regards
    Ps my phone number is 0412 246 554

  20. Patsy says:

    Thanks for the reply Tony. We have an Adams 12 now and have just hauled out at the marina. Getting ready to head north in a couple of weeks so I guess we won’t see you until we pass through on our way south in maybe December.
    Hope we can catch up then, cheers, Dave.

  21. Warren MacGregor says:

    Vivaldi is now Trinity and I have owned her since April 2005. She has undergone substantial enhancements and refits including the installation of a new rig after being dismasted. We completed a single handed circumnavigation of mainland Australia in 2011/2012. Most recently Trinity has been cruising in the Whitsunday’s and will soon be home in Pittwater.

  22. Brad Rolfe says:

    Hi we own the previously mentioned phantom 40 “GREY SEAL” now moored off Airlie beach.Purchased off original owner of 18 years cruising the Whitsundays now she is every much the yacht and more we were looking for. Would recommend a phantom salability and seaworthiness.

  23. Michael Boogaard says:

    Spellbound is now in Lake Macquarie and starting to do some travelling up and down the coast

  24. Mark Butler says:

    Aruba, a Phantom 32, now has new owners and has been relocated to Brisbane Waters NSW. Currently being refitted for some coastal cruising.

  25. geoff. seward. says:

    Hi All, Am Wanting to Purchase a Phantom A 33 or 34 should anyone that might be considering selling now or might think they might want to sell in the not too distant future ? NO BROKERS FEES etc. Please Let Me Know, Thanks For The Posts Geoff. ph 0466974726.

  26. Ron Beattie says:

    Hi All, I have owned Kombali 2 since 2009 and I am about to have the rig replaced and the mast repainted. I am told the chain plates should be fine and not to bother with them. Any bad experiences with these anyone?

    • Mark says:

      Hi Ron,
      I’m just going through this process now. Unfortunately the silastic/sikaflex seal around the chainplates on the deck have been letting water in and I have a small amount of rust on a couple of the stainless chainplates below. I didn’t notice this as it was lined with carpet. I’ll probably replace anything that looks slightly suspect as I believe the inspect/remove/replace is a small cost – but I’ll know more in a couple of weeks.

  27. Mark Leplastrier says:

    You can add Alkama to the list. It’s a Phantom 32 launched in 1984 at Mona Vale It started as a hull and deck job fitted out by my father. I now own it and I’m currently fitting a new mast. Still located in Mona Vale.

  28. steve says:

    Well if the Database is still close there will be 10 32’s in Lake Macquarie before December 2015

  29. For the database, Blue Bayou Sail No 107 and 32′ long. Thanks

  30. steve says:

    Norseman will be moored in Lake Macquarie

  31. Tony Hayman says:

    Some water got through on my yacht, delaminated and rotted the ply inside the bulkhead.
    I had to cut out the bulkhead and laminate a new one.
    Easy to tell, just knock bulkhead all over and listen for a hollow tone.
    Good luck

    • It is well worth the effort to oversize drill the chainplate bolt holes at the bulkheads and chainplate knees, fill with thickened epoxy and redrill to the correct size. This effectively seals the ply in the event of a leak. Some good comments coming through we might have to set up a maintenance page.

      • tony hayman says:

        Yes that may work in some cases but my bulkhead was rotted by water coming through a leak where the chainplate entered through the deck.

  32. Eb says:

    “New Tricks” now lives in brisbane waters with new owners.
    She’s also been converted to tiller. Does anyone have experience with tiller steering on the 32s? Seems quite heavy on the weatherhelm. Otherwise behaves beautifully and is in great nic

    • Dave mitchell says:

      Hi Eb, we had tiller steering on Mr Walker. Loved the simplicity and the extra room in the cockpit at anchor. We always found we had to reef early to keep the weather helm at bay, by the time it was blowing fifteen knots we would have the first reef in. We used an Aries self steering unit 90% of the time so it was important to keep things balanced. Great boats, enjoy! Cheers, Dave.

  33. Adam says:

    Quite a few Phantom’s in Lake Macquarie. For the database, “Sinbad” sail no MH1N, lives in Croudace Bay, Lake Mac.

  34. Stephen says:

    Norseman is at Rathmines

  35. geoff seward says:

    Hi All, Does Anybody know Any History On A Yacht Named Phantasm A 33 I am Considering That Is Currently For Sale Thanks Geoff.

    • Derek Howie says:

      Ahi Geoff phantasm has been in the small yacht cruising club of Pittwater and has been well looked after by it owners ,the engine is in very good condition and the boat has a lot of extras ,it has sailed up and down the coast ,and is a very sound boat ,see our web page SYCC,regards Derek Howie
      Ps we had four phantoms in our club at one stage mine Masquerade,phantasm,and ,Nivana

  36. geoff seward says:

    Hi Derek, Thanks For Info On Phantasm Cheers Geoff.

  37. Derek Howie says:

    Hi Geoff no problems a pleasure to help ,if you need any more info on the boat or our cruising club send me your mob number to my email address at dchowie @,regards Derek

  38. geoff seward says:

    Hi All Again, Would Anyone Have Any Info On A 33 Named Saltburn In Scarborough That I am Also Considering Buying. Thanks Again. 0466974726.

  39. John Milne says:

    We have purchased Agnes II from Julian Browne. She is in good shape and will remain in the RYCV marina in Williamstown for the time being. We hope to participate in club social racing and cruising in and around Port Phillip. Thanks for maintaining this link to other owners.

  40. Stephen says:

    Hi John , Justin has allowed me to update thing as well we have a Facebook page now

  41. Mark Butler says:

    Phantom owners are planning a get together on Lake Macquarie on the weekend of the 9th of April 2016. See the Phantom Facebook site above for details.

  42. Mac and Suzanne Story says:

    Just offering an update on the Phantom 40, “Beyond II”, Sail no 14. (Previously owned and cared for by Lee Cooper and based at Pittwater for many years.) Now kept at Croudace Bay, Lake Macquarie and owned by Mac and Suzanne Story of Valentine. Sailed to Brisbane for winter in 2016 and to have grand children living on board for school holidays. Repeating that trip next winter. Maybe Tasmania in Summer 2017/18. We have found the boat to be very solid and comfortable and a great sea boat. An in-house, and unofficial, family name for our 40 is “The Cottage”. In boom furling has been great for our age and, like all Phantoms, the performance is not at all ‘cottage like’.
    We would like to know if any Phantom gatherings are in the wind for 2017. We missed the info re April 16′.

    Thanks Mac and Sue Story.

  43. Stephen says:

    Hi Mac and Sue, we are around in Kilaben bay at Rathmines the face book page tends to get a lot more action, so to keep up with whats happening pop over and say hi

    • Mac and Sue Story says:

      Hi Stephen,
      Are there any details available on how we can insert our info onto the data base?
      There is some info but not complete. I sent in the full info in January, and that is listed above. Can I insert the critical info into the data base or is there a site manager??

      Extra note:- We have cancelled the second winter trip to Brisbane in favour of being thoroughly sorted for Tasmania, Down mid Dec. Back late Feb. There will be a few plane trips to and fro because of family responsibilities.

    • stephen says:

      On the face book page the latest database can be found I’ll look into update this site as well

  44. Mac and Suzanne Story says:

    Thanks Stephen, I frequent Kilaben Bay fairly often. Will try and give you a shout one time.
    Cheers Mac Story

  45. john says:

    HY All Phantom Owners
    I am John and own a Phantom 40 which suffered some damage in Debbie in Airlie. I am not able to find a new toe rail. Can anybody help.
    There must be someone out there that knows where phantom yachts have sourced their toerail as it has a distinct bullnose in its profile.
    If you could help it would be much appreciated

  46. Brent Lane says:

    On a sunny day and on the right angle I can read “Phantastic” on the hull of Scintilla.

  47. Tony Hayman says:

    Hi Brent, I had Phantastic made so Scintilla must be my old 32. Black toe rails with double spreader mast. Where is it please? Any photos?

  48. stephen says:

    Database records Scintilla as living in Manly Qld

  49. Coops says:

    We have bought Mareta, a Phantom 33. We purchased her in November last year and could not be more pleased with her as a sailing boat. She is berthed in East Coast marina at Manly.

    • Brent Lane says:

      Hey Coops say hello to Phil who puts the boats in and out on the weekends. Scintilla is there but I don’t live aboard any more. He can give you my number and we can catch up.
      Cheers Brent

  50. the Face book page is also available with an easier editing function ,for me anyway

  51. I shall be visiting my brother on his boat on the weekend of the 25th at Manly

  52. Colm Anderson says:

    Phantasm is now based on the Gold Coast where she was moved after we purchased her in Pittwater. She was first registered in 1992 and has had two previous owners.

  53. geoff seward. says:

    Hi Again, Am Still Looking For That Elusive 33 or 34. Would Any One Know As To Whether Or Not Nick Shein Would Have Overseen The Building Of A 34 Named No More Diamonds Or Not As It Is Listed As A 2000 Build Or Would He Have Stopped His Involvement By Then And How He May Be Contacted.Thanks Geoff.

    • Geoff ,Nick as far as I know was involved closely with all except the first layup of the Phantoms , he is retired on the north end of the east coast as far as I’m aware ,but I do not have a contact for him

    • Mac Story says:

      Hi Geoff, There is a 33 moored in Croudace By, which may be for sale soon.
      Get in touch if you would like me to try to find the details. I see the owner every once in a while. 0438 897 937.

  54. Brian Fatzer says:

    Hi all- I live aboard my 32’Phantom in Norfolk, VA, USA for 3 years now. Built in 1978. Teak deck. Name Victory. Would like more info and advice.

  55. Trinity has now been renamed Trinity V and as an Australian registered vessel has now completed her first overseas voyage to the Louisiade Archipelago in PNG. After an extended period away she is now back in Newport and we are already planning the next overseas passage.

  56. Dave Mitchell says:

    Congrats on the first big trip. Hope there are many more to come, cheers, Dave and Patsy.

    • Mac & Sue Story says:

      From Mac and Sue Story:-

      Beyond 2, Phantom 40, is back at Croudace Bay after three months away travelling to and in Tasmania. The Yacht performed faultlessly through rough and smooth conditions. A burst of 40 knots East of Flinders Is. had us feeling very confident. Great weather in Tasmania when air conditioners where full stretch on the Mainland. During the 2017 winter, Beyond2 took us to sunny Brisbane for 4 months away from the log fire climate further South.

      No long trips this winter. Maybe it’s time for a Phantom rally somewhere along the NSW coast later in the year. Nothing gung ho!) Cheers. Mac Story Valentine Nsw

      Sent from my iPhone


      • Norseman will catch you on the lake sometime in the near future as we have just retired and will be living by lake in a few days from now Steve and Heather

      • Mac Story says:

        Hope to catch up, after you are over the house moving process.
        By then we might have a few Phantoms for an on water wander on the Lake.

        A Phantom 32/33 will be for sale soon near my mooring. The owner has bought a larger boat of one of those ‘other’ yacht brands.
        Cheers. Mac Story

  57. geoff seward. says:

    Thanks Mac For Your Comment, Have Just Seen It. Have Purchased No More Diamonds A 34 Currently Parked At Dalbora In Nelson Bay And Hopefully Heading North End Of May. It Would Be Good To Hear Of Any Other Phantoms Heading North For Winter As I Am New To The World Of Sailing. Cheers Geoff Seward.

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