Phantom 32


5 Responses to Phantom 32

  1. Phil says:

    Does anyone know the make (and supplier) of the steering pedestal on the Phantom 32. Mine has a serious crack at the base and needs replacing.

    • Canon manufactured many components including some steering pedestals. Canon were acquired by Ronstan in the 80’s, unfortunately a fire subsequently destroyed the canon drawings and are no longer on record.

  2. Phil says:

    Thanks for the info. It seems that Edson or Jefa are the only alternatives at the moment. But I suspect I will have to replace more than just the pedestal. $$$$

  3. Dave says:

    Hi, My pedestal was manufactured by Barlow. Arco-Hutton Winches in Sydney have the ability to repair (I had a new base put on mine). They also have the bearings for the wheel shaft 🙂


    • Phil says:

      Thanks Dave, I ended up getting a new Jeffa steering pedastal. My base was shot and had been repaired previosly. It was at the repaired weld at the base that it snapped and it aslo started to crack vertically. The new one looks great.

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