Currency Lass

“While Ya Down There” Phantom 33(Sept 89) Launched as “Currency Lass” for owners near Gosford.


5 Responses to Currency Lass

  1. Paul and Margaret Clarence says:

    We are the third owners, having purchased her in 2000. We understand the first owner mainly cruised Brisbane Waters. The second owner berthed the yacht at RPAYC. We have cruised to the Whitsundays in 2004 and 2009. Otherwise the yacht lives in Sydney Harbour and surrounds.

    Paul and Margaret Clarence

  2. Ross and Chris Pearson says:

    Thought we’d try and see if our beloved sloop was still ‘floating’ and were surprised to see that apart from a name change from ‘Currency Lass’, she is now in Sydney and apparently has happy owners in Paul and Margaret Clarence. We were not very pleased to part with her and have left our coastal life for the country but still remember fondly the years we enjoyed as her owners. In 1989 at launch from Birkenhead Point, she was the best boat we had ever owned and our memories of those days are as fresh as ever – thank heavens we took lots of photographs.

    Chris and Ross Pearson

  3. Peter Schlyder says:

    I purchased her in November 2015 through Ensign Brokers Pittwater (RPAYC). We plan to sail her north in January to her new home Wynnum Manly Yacht Club – Manly harbour Brisbane.
    The boat has been well looked after over the years and I’m glad to read your comments.
    I will be reverting back to the boats original name “Currency Lass” and plan to progressively refurbish her over the next 12 months or so and do some club racing and crushing around SE QLD
    Mainly the Morton Bay area and looking forward to spending some quality time on her.
    This is my third yacht and I’m keen to give her a good shake down ands spruce up.
    Happy days ahead 🙂
    Peter Schlyder

    • Ross pearson says:

      Hello Sir, just wanted to say what a delight to know you appear to have a great love for your new acquisition and, even more satisfying, that you like the old name as much as we did.
      We wish you happy and safe sailing in the future – just reading your comment gave us a warm fuzzy feeling about our own boating days. We wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.

      Ross and Chris Pearson

  4. Peter Schlyder says:

    Thanks Ross for your wishes I will keep you posted on developments with the boat.
    I cant wait to sail her north, my wife and I run a 24/7 business and have staff away over xmas
    so as soon as they are back I’ll be off 🙂
    all the best for xmas and new year.
    peter Schlyder

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